Gappsy updates in Q2-Q3 2020

(LAUNCHED) Woocommerce plugin

– (LAUNCHED) Zapier & Webhooks plugin

– (LAUNCHED) Automatic birthday push notification plugin Appointment planner plugin

– (LAUNCHED) Automatic birthday push notification pluginChat system for one on one chats and group chats

– (LAUNCHED) Automatic birthday push notification plugin

– Membership system to lock parts of the app for certain users

– Custom Profile plugin, collect more info upon registration of users

– Stats plugin for your app, get more data on the specific things people do inside your app. Such as open rates on your push notifications.

– Funnel system for push notifications. Automatically send certain push notifications. Example: 3 days after downloading the app you get a specific push notification, 5 days later you get another one. Customization will be possible with this plugin.

– Quiz plugin to gather data from users

– NEW layouts + some extra feature surprises.